Craft Maniack DIY 2024 Vision: Your Free Printable Calendar

2024 Vision: Your Free Printable Calendar

2024 Vision: Your Free Printable Calendar post thumbnail image

Are you ready for a brand new year? I can’t believe it’s almost 2024, but that means it’s time to get a new calendar, and today I’m sharing a free printable calendar for 2024 that I created just for you! It’s my way of saying thank you. Thank you for making my projects, for sharing my ideas, for loving Crafts as much as I do, and for encouraging me!

The calendar displays beautiful floral prints at the top of each page. Each floral pattern is unique and adapts to the season. I love pretty floral prints and I hope these bouquets make you smile every month of the year!

I have created two versions of the printable calendar and both are free. One Version contains the main American holidays and one is completely empty. You will see both sets of files on the download link below.

How to print

Click on the link at the end of this article and save all the files to your computer. Then you should be able to print them at home or send them to a printing company. The calendar is sized to be printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I recommend printing it on cardboard for durability.

How to display

Here are some ideas to display your new 2024 calendar:

  • The room was very clean and the bathroom was very clean.
  • Clip the calendar to a clipboard.
  • Print the pages at a printing company like Office Depot and ask them to add a spiral binder.
  • Place the calendar sheets on an easel or stand.
  • Slide the calendar sheets into the transparent front pocket of a 3-ring folder.
  • This calendar is intended for personal use only.

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