Craft Maniack Latest Craft Crafting Blossoms: A Step-by-Step Guide to Paper Flowers

Crafting Blossoms: A Step-by-Step Guide to Paper Flowers

Crafting Blossoms: A Step-by-Step Guide to Paper Flowers post thumbnail image

I’m finally starting in the crib! The first project I am interested in is wall art. I want to make a flower garden of all kinds with all the different types of paper flowers on the walls. I experimented and found a really gentle and versatile way to make a paper flower, and I took photos to show you how.

It’s fun, isn’t it?! I’m really in love!

Ready for the tutorial? All you need to create your own flower is scrapbook paper, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Step 1. Start cutting the petals. You want six of the three different sizes. You can experiment with petal shapes and sizes to create all the different flower variations. And just to give you an idea of the size, my petals were about 3″, 4″ and 5″ and the finished flower was about 11″ in diameter.

Step 2. Place a small dot of hot glue on the floor in the center of a petal.

Step 3. Squeeze and pinch the petals until the glue cools. Carefully wrap the outer edges so that they are slightly rounded. Repeat with the six petals of the same size.

Step 4. Place a small dot of glue in the lower right corner of the petal.

Step 5. Press the glue on the left corner of another petal and align the corners with each other with the right sides. Repeat until the six petals are glued together in a circle. Then do exactly the same with the other petal sizes. Each size will make its own ring.

Step 6. Place the glue gun on the back of the smaller petals and glue it to the middle layer. Glue the middle layer on top of the larger layer.

See how I arranged the petals so that they overlap and don’t line up perfectly? Keep this in mind when gluing the layers together. You don’t want the tips of the petals to be all aligned, otherwise it won’t look right.

Step 7. Do something decorative so that the central hole covers it. I layered paper circles and put a stamped butterfly on top, but the possibilities are endless….Buttons, rhinestones, words, photos…il there are countless beautiful options.

The last thing I did was put a paper loop on the back to hang it easily.

To show you how versatile this method is, here is another flower that I made using the same technique:
He has a completely different feeling! All I did differently was cut out rounded petals that were slightly longer and thinner. I also added pointed leaves of a different color on the outside and a large yellow bud in the middle.

– Use Glitter Paper. Because everything is better with glitter!
– Try to crumple the Paper before assembling everything. This gives it a softer and antique look.
– Ink/distress on the edges of each petal before assembly.
– Make two identical flowers and glue them back to back to get a flower that looks great on both sides.
– Use parchment or embossed paper.
– Before assembling, sew the edges of each petal. The stitching would be such a cute detail!
– Make a Jumbo flower with petals layer by layer.

I think I need to make a hundred. They are so much fun and the possibilities are endless!

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