Craft Maniack Craft Hoppy DIY: Crafting an Easter Bunny Pendant

Hoppy DIY: Crafting an Easter Bunny Pendant

Hoppy DIY: Crafting an Easter Bunny Pendant post thumbnail image

Juchuh-it’s going to be joyful! And soon It’s Easter again. It’s time to finally enjoy the benefits. Traditionally, every year I put a pair of twos in the Vase and decorate them with brightly painted eggs and other Austrian pendants. And of course, I always have to find something new for this. This year, I made pretty DIY Easter bunny pendants from wooden beads, felt and chenille thread. The idea is not new, but I just had to try it. I hope you like my Version. Enjoy Crafting!

Crafts make me happy

With all the bad news at the time of the depressed mood and the still endemic recent times, I just need a little joyful and colorful lightness in my life now. Crafts always help me a lot. It distracts me and allows me to be in the Moment for a long time – the thought carousel stops. I am especially happy when such cute Easter bunnies come-they just make me laugh in my face every day! Crafts are also great for children’s hands.

You will need this material for a DIY Easter bunny pendant

  • Unmodified wooden beads*, 1 x Ø 20mm and 1 x Ø 30mm
  • Colored Craft Felt*
  • Colored Chenille Yarn*
  • Very thin pigmented lining, black*
  • Felt, pink
  • Nahgarn, Germany
  • Zig zag Scissors Bed and Breakfasts*
  • Scissors

This is how the DIY Easter Bunny pendant is made

  • Cut a circle of Ø about 40mm from the Craft film with the scissors. Then cut a small hole in the center.
  • Fold two rabbit ears about 25 mm long at one end of the chenille thread. Twist the thread under the ears so that they stick together.
  • First, thread the small wooden bead under the rabbit ears, then the felt circle and the large Bead.
  • Form yourself from the rest (you don’t need to use them all!) of the wire, a small pompom tail under the thick ball covering all the connections. Cut off the rest of the thread.
  • Using the pigmented liner, paint a face on the upper wooden ball, using a pink felt-tip pen, evoke a few red cheeks.
  • Finally, attach a thread to the ears as a hanger.

Whether on the branch, as a card or on the cake-bunny always goes as an Easter decoration

Last year I also made little bunnies for Easter, but these are the cakes that I placed on top of my homemade beetroot muffins for decoration – it looks great on the Easter table. If you want, check out the message.

For even more bunny inspiration, check out The article “Easypeasy DIY ideas with Easter Bunny”, where I have collected my five dear DIY ideas.

A lot of light is there for you too and you can also distract yourself with a single craft, colorful paintings and cute bunny faces? I wish you a lot of fun imitating. And now tell me what has been your favorite Easter craft in recent years?

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