Craft Maniack Craft Love Gnomes: Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes with Free Templates

Love Gnomes: Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes with Free Templates

Love Gnomes: Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes with Free Templates post thumbnail image

And these are no ordinary little dwarfs. Oh, GNOME! These are indeed small Valentine’s Day gnome favors or gift boxes that you can fill with treats to surprise a loved one! Oh, and did I mention that there are free templates in today’s article? Scroll down to download yours!

DIY Valentine’s Day Gnome gift boxes with free templates

Gnomes have been popular for a few years and are always hanging out on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day, so I decided to modify the original Christmas gnome templates that I shared here on the Blog a while ago to turn them into favors or gift boxes for Valentine’s Day!

I have to say that these dwarfs are one of my favorite DIY projects to date, and I didn’t think they could get any cuter…until I turned them into gift boxes and filled them with heart-shaped chocolates! Everything is infinitely sweeter, filled to the brim with chocolates, Right?!

Anyway, the technique is basically the same, except for a few more simple steps, so I’ve also modified the free template so that you now have the option to turn the gnome into favor boxes if you wish.

Of course, since this is a Valentine’s Day-themed post, I used red and pink for the felt colors, but you can use the same template and keep the Christmas colors for the holidays or other occasions! In fact, I’m already planning a Halloween edition, so take a look at this space!

This DIY idea is ideal for a classroom craft project, a party activity or simply to decorate a tiered tray, a party scene or to use the GNOME as cute DIY gifts or as a gift to a loved one on Valentine’s Day!

This project is also very inexpensive, and you probably already have all the materials on hand, such as felt and paper cups. Apart from that, you will need faux fur and ornaments to decorate your Dwarves.

I used small heart-shaped beads to decorate my dwarves’ hats, but you can use buttons, beads, flowers, sequins…or you can also embroider the felt before gluing it. The Decor possibilities are endless!

Since these elves were intended to be a gift box or a festive gift, I designed small Valentine’s Day gift tags to match the elves that can be perfectly attached to the end of the pixie hat to complete your gift in style!

DIY Valentine’s Day Gnome gift boxes with free templates

1x A4 felt sheet in red
* faux fur
* 1 pipe cleaner
* 1 paper cup
* 1 small wooden bead
* hot glue
* red card
* Scissors
* fabric pen or pencil
* foam board or cardboard
* Scalloped hole punch: optional
* Ornaments: ribbons, beads, buttons, etc.
* Printable Gnome Valentine’s Day Gift Tags
* Free printable Gnome gift box templates

I hope you enjoy the ideas and feel inspired to try them out! If you do, tag me on social media @birdparty so I can see and share your creativity!

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