Craft Maniack Craft Palette of Love: DIY Paint Sample Heart Decorations

Palette of Love: DIY Paint Sample Heart Decorations

Palette of Love: DIY Paint Sample Heart Decorations post thumbnail image

Use the color swatches you have for a good cause and create these Valentine’s decorations!

The guest bedroom has remained completely intact since we moved into our house more than a year ago. It’s an exciting and scary blank canvas at the same time, and as I get closer to finishing the office/guest room, I’ve started thinking about what I want it to look like.

I hope that one day it will also be used as a child’s room, but until then I want to remove some of the white walls and give it a little character. I’m not entirely sure if I want to paint all the walls, a feature wall or a texture on the walls, but I thought a good start would be to opt for a color. I love Rustoleum limestone mural and I bought some of her paint samples to start the process. I have painted most of the rooms green so far and I knew it was time to diversify. So I got 5 patterns in 5 very non-green colors and painted them on a card in order to better visualize the colors of the room. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen the options. When I was done with my pieces of painted cards, I had the idea to make heart-shaped ornaments out of them for Valentine’s Day, and although these are not traditional Valentine’s colors, I like the look. Read on to find out what I used and for step-by-step instructions…

1. First of all, and if you don’t already have them, get yourself some color samples.

2. If the paint samples are delivered in bags or boxes, paint a blank piece of cardboard in each color. I painted a piece of A4 card for each, but in fact I only used half of it.

3. Draw as many heart shapes as possible on the back of your patterns. I used a cookie cutter to follow this step.

4. Then cut out each heart shape with scissors or a utility knife.

5. On the white side of each heart, draw a line in the middle and fold the hearts to the painted side.

6. Use glue or hot glue to glue these hearts back to back, painted side out, alternating colors.

7. Continue all the way until you have glued 8 hearts together. Attach the last heart shape to the first to complete the circle.

8. Once dry, place hot glue in the center of the ornament and attach a loop of string or ribbon.

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