Craft Maniack Craft Idea Paper Palooza: Creative Crafts for Every Occasion

Paper Palooza: Creative Crafts for Every Occasion

Paper Palooza: Creative Crafts for Every Occasion post thumbnail image

This impressive craft can only be made with Paper and glue.

If you are looking for craft ideas to keep you busy during isolation at home, these crafts are fun, cute and only take Paper and glue to make! No purchase is required, you can just start making.

The world is now a crazy place and I firmly believe that crafts are therapy. Do something to get rid of your worries and keep your hands busy. And since we are suddenly all homeschooling mothers, many of these crafts would also be ideal for children and teenagers.

Geometric Paper Cups

Print out the free template, then fold it and glue these cool, modern little dishes that you can use to organize office or craft supplies.

Rolled Paper Flowers

These are easier to make with a Silhouette or Cricut machine, but you can also cut them by hand. Then you can use them in all kinds of fun… to decorate a sign, a wreath, a gift tag, a card or something else!

Simple paper candy boxes

From a 12 × 12 sheet of scrapbook paper, create a beautiful rectangular box with a hinged lid. This is the perfect way to pack treats for a friend.

Paper Butterflies

These butterflies are made from patterned scrapbooking paper and have beautiful pearl patterns… but if you don’t have pearls, you can without them.

Giant Paper Flowers

These huge paper flowers are so much fun. If you have a Silhouette or a Cricut machine, you can use it to cut out the petals, but there are also printable templates that you can cut out by hand.

Paper Snowflakes

All you need is regular computer paper or a stack of coffee filters and scissors, and you will enjoy it for hours. This is one of my favorite winter hobbies!

Paper balls

Print the template, then you can paint or color it before folding it into a unique spherical shape.

3D Paper Stars

Make these cool 3D stars with a Silhouette or a Cricut machine or cut them out by hand. You can also assemble two of them, drill holes in them and make a light fixture out of them.

Paper chain snake

Turn a paper chain into a curved snake! I admit that these are scary for me, but they are super fun!

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