Craft Maniack Craft Idea Stitched Blossoms: Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch

Stitched Blossoms: Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch

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I think it’s quite funny how Craft techniques come in and out of Fashion. How … macrame that is making a big comeback right now and that really wasn’t cool not so long ago. I kind of followed the macrame trend, but I have to say that it is growing a little with me. It may even be that a macrame project will appear here after this week.

I would say that the plastic canvas is definitely going out of style right now, but I’m trying to redo it a bit with this project. What do you mean? Can we create a plastic canvas?

Do you agree that maybe there is potential there? Maybe it’s just Nostalgia that convinces me, but I think it exists.

When I was a child, my grandmother taught me how to make things with a plastic canvas. I especially remember making coasters and a small box to store them in. She always does things with a plastic canvas. A few years ago, she made me a nice little notebook covered with plastic canvas and embroidered with thoughts on the front, and it helped me to see the potential of the plastic canvas.

Anyway, for this pouch, I combined a plastic canvas with a little crochet, and I’m really happy with the pretty little thing I ended up with. If you would like to try Plastic Canvas, here is a project to get you started!

Accessories (I have included affiliate links below. Thank you for supporting Persia Lou!):

  • Black plastic canvas (I used two pieces)
  • Combed weight yarn in black, pink, red and green
  • Plastic Canvas Needle
  • Size I Hook
  • Scissors
  • Felt for lining
  • Magnetic closure for handbag

Step one the plastic canvas

Take out the scissors and cut, cut! There is something satisfying about cutting through a plastic canvas. I don’t know what it is, but try it and let me know if it suits you.

Try to cut close to the line so as not to have small pimples on the edge. To create the clutch shape, you will need to cut the plastic canvas into six pieces, two 9″x 6″ (front and back pieces), one 9″ x 4″ (the flap), one 9″ x 1″ (bottom) and two 6″ x 1″ (sides).

Step two-stitch parts

I covered the pieces with a wicker stitch pattern. I really like the texture that this gives to the bag and I think it gives it a Vintage handbag look.

To create the basket weaving pattern, start by pulling the thread in the lower right corner, leaving a tail a few centimeters at the back. Knit four loops on four squares, making sure that the loops are knitted to the tail on the back.

Skip two squares and make four more stitches in the same way. When you reach the end of the row, go back and make horizontal stitches in the gaps.

The groups of stitches overlap a little, so that the entire area is covered by the pattern. It will take a while to cover all the pieces with stitches, but this is a great project to keep your hands busy while watching TV.

Juhu! Everything is done! Now it’s time to crochet cute little flowers.

Step three-crochet flowers

These little flowers are made according to a super simple pattern. You can create an entire garden in no time.

Small Floral Pattern:

3. chain (counts as the first ms), knit all the loops of the first chain. Half triple crochet (htrc), fixed crochet (dc), MC (first petal formed). * Dc, htrc, dc, MC (second petal formed), de * repeat three times to get a total of five petals.

I made thirteen flowers in total to decorate my DIY pouch. To sew them to the bag, I pulled the thread around the flowers between the petals to give them more definition.

If you are not a crocheter or if you want your bag to be less three-dimensional, you can absolutely embroider flowers instead.

Step four-embroider leaves

I used green thread to embroider leaves and tendrils around the flowers. To create the leaves, I used long stitches to describe the shape of the leaf like this:

Step five-sew the parts together

I actually sewed the bag before embroidering the leaves, but it would have been much easier to embroider the pieces first. Oops! Go ahead and learn from my mistake.

To assemble the clutch, first sew the sides, the bottom and the flap to the back. Make sure that the thread wraps around the edges of the plastic canvas.

Step six-Add a magnetic clasp and a felt lining

Add the metal clasp to the front of the DIY clutch by sliding the teeth and folding them flat. Next, cut a piece of felt so that it fits into the clutch.

Step seven-finish the edge of the flap

Finally, use a piece of black thread and a needle to wrap the edge of the flap and secure the edge of the felt.

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