Craft Maniack DIY Whimsical Blooms: The Clothespin Flower Fairy

Whimsical Blooms: The Clothespin Flower Fairy

Whimsical Blooms: The Clothespin Flower Fairy post thumbnail image

One of my dear readers, Twila W., sent me the idea for this job. Thank you, Twila! They were so, so funny to do!

Made from wooden clothespins, these miniature flower fairies are one of the most fun crafts I’ve ever made. I really enjoyed the creation process and I watched the personality of each fairy come to life by adding each piece. It was a simple job that allowed me to have a happy and creative time. I loved it!

To create your own flower fairies, you will need: (affiliate links)


  • Different silk flowers
  • Silk rose petals
  • Mini bows
  • Wooden doll clamps
  • Doll clamp holder
  • Fabric strips
  • Hot glue and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Q-Tips
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Pink chalk or oil pastel

Start by separating the flowers from the stems and centers. It’s easy… it is enough to pull hard and the pieces fall apart.

Next, insert slots into the center hole until it is large enough to fit around the clothespins.

Slide the flower onto the clothespin and secure it with hot glue.

Add a “belt” of fabric ribbon to cover the upper edges of the flower.

Add the rose petal wings with hot glue.

I found that a single hydrangea flower made a perfect hat.

Use a Sharpie to add eyes. Rub the end of a Q-Tip on pink chalk, then dab a little “blush” on the cheeks.

And that’s all you need to make these cute and cute fairies! I went crazy and made a few. This one has leaf wings and a fuller Daisy skirt:

I made the following fairy’s princess hat with a ruffled petal and her skirt is made of layered rose petals.

The purple fairy has a Daisy sun hat and a rose petal skirt.

The white fairy’s rose petal skirt is my favorite! I folded rose petals for their wings and added blue daisies folded around them for a little pop of color.

I love how each fairy is different, unique and full of personality.

I have them all lined up on the windowsill of my craft room and when I see them there, I smile.

My children also loved this job. You can make the craft by yourself with just a little supervision with the hot glue. If you are looking for a profession for children, I would say that this would definitely fit.

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